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Weekly Auto Auction

Frequently Asked Questions about the Online Auction:

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Why bid online?
Wherever you are, and wherever the auction is taking place, you can hear and watch the auction online and bid with the click of a mouse.

If I register to bid online, will my information be safe?
Yes, your information is password protect, encrypted and store on secured servers. All of your information is confidential.

How long does it take to install the online bidding software?
The faster internet connection, the faster the download speed but even with dial-up connection, the installation usually takes less than two minutes.

What kind of computer system do I need to bid online?
You will need a computer with Windows operating system and an internet connection (preferably high speed).

Can I still bid online if my computer is behind a firewall?
Yes, but your system's administrator may need to make some adjustments to the firewall first.

Okay, I installed the software; will I need to install upgrades later?
Yes, as updates become available it is in your best interest to install them. Installation is quick and easy, and the new updates will have enhanced features for your convenience as a bidder.

Can I use one auction's bidding software to bid in other auctions?
After downloading the software, you are able to bid on any online auction provided by that particular auction company. Each company's online bidding software is specifically developed for each unique auction process, so there will be a separate installation for each different auction company.

A security warning appeared when I started to download the online bidding software. Is this software safe to install?
Yes, the software is safe to install even though your browser might display a warning when you begin the download: this is just a safeguard against installing software from unknown sources. Our online bidding software is safe to install, so just click “yes” or “allow” to continue the download.

What should I do if an error occurs when I'm downloading the software?
If an error occurs or the system freezes during installation, close out all unnecessary running programs and retry the installation. If that does not solve the problem, visit our Technical Assistance page and check that your computer has the necessary system requirements and settings. Need further help? Contact customer service.

Do I have to download the online bidding software every time I want to view or bid on an auction online?
No, you do not have to download the software every time you want to use it.

What should I do if I lose my internet connection in the middle of an auction?
First, reconnect your internet. Once you've re-established connection, the online bidding software should restart automatically. If it doesn't, simply close out and log in again.

I can see the auction but I can't hear the audio, what's wrong?
Make sure your computer audio is not muted, the speakers are turned on, and the volume is high enough. If that doesn't resolve the issue, you can contact customer service for assistance.

The online bidding interface opens briefly then closes again when I try to view or bid in the auction online. What's happening?
Your temporary internet files may be full, to resolve this issue go to "Internet Options" under "Tools" in your browser menu and click "Delete Files".

I registered to bid at the auction site, can I bid online instead?
You must register online if you want to bid online. Find out how to register online at the auction company's website.

How long does it take to process my registration?
First-time online bidders should allow two or three days for their registration to be processed. Before bidding online for the first time, you need to sign up for an online bidding account. Signing up and receiving approval to bid online can take up to one business day. Once approved, you can register to bid online in specific auctions. You may be required to place a deposit when you register. It may take another business day for your deposit to be confirmed and registration processed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please download the online bidding software in advance to avoid any technical issues on auction day. If you've bid online in the past, we recommend that you allow at least one business day for your registration to be processed.

Can I cancel my registration? I registered to bid online at an upcoming auction but I've changed my mind.
You don't need to cancel your registration if you decide not to bid. An unused registration will not affect your account or your bidding limit, and there is no penalty for not bidding. However, if you would like to cancel your registration anyway, please contact customer service for assistance.

Will the auctioneer receive my bids in time if I bid online?
Absolutely. Placing a bid with your mouse is just as fast as raising your bid number. Our highly experienced online bid catchers can relay your bids to the auctioneer just as fast as our onsite bid catchers.

What happens if I accidentally place a bid?
We've developed our online bidding interface to minimize the potential for accidental bids. You can only bid using your mouse, and you cannot place a bid unless your bid button is active. If you are the current high bidder, your bid button will be deactivated so you can't bid against yourself. If someone outbids you, your bid button will become active so you can bid again.

Can I watch an auction online without registering to bid?
This depends on the auction house business process. If the auction house allows unathenticated viewers then you can download our software and attend as a viewer, otherwise you would need to request an id to view from the auction house.

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